Best Mystery Shopping Companies List

Best Mystery Shopping Companies List

A master list of the best mystery shopping companies for 2016: If you are looking for a list of the best mystery shopping companies, with legitimate credentials, then look no further! About More »


Mystery Shopping Your Vacation

mystery shopping your vacation

Mystery Shopping or Secret Shopping your vacation. Sounds great right? Get reimbursed for your vacation expenses and have a great time doing it! I began thinking about this as I was planning our upcoming vacation. I thought I might share

How to Become a Secret Shopper

How to Become a Secret Shopper

If you watch the news often, you may believe that every offer and e-mail telling you how to become a secret shopper is a scam.  I am here to tell you differently. I can tell that you are serious about

Telephone Mystery Shopping Companies

Telephone Mystery Shopping Companies

For people who cannot leave the house for whatever reason, telephone mystery shopping companies are available and ready to pay you to make telephone calls. For information on telephone mystery shoppers, click here. Almost all mystery shopping companies offer telephone

Telephone Mystery Shoppers – What are they?

Telephone Mystery Shoppers

Telephone mystery shoppers call businesses on the phone. The shoppers then evaluate the businesses based on criteria provided by a telephone mystery shopping company. These type of mystery shopping jobs are ideal for someone who has to stay at home

Research Services Group Mystery Shopping

research services group mystery shopping

Research Services Group mystery shopping company was founded in 2008 as Research Services Group in Atlanta, Georgia. They have business offices in the United States, Asia, and Europe. The mystery shopping company started out as a home-based business in 2008 and

HoneyBaked Ham Mystery Shopping

HoneyBaked Ham Mystery Shopping

HoneyBaked Ham Mystery Shopping It’s almost Easter time, and thoughts of a large HoneyBaked Ham are filling my head. I had never tried a HoneyBaked Ham until I performed a mystery shop at one of their locations around Thanksgiving. Oh, they

Best Mystery Shopping Companies – Banking!

Best Mystery Shopping Companies

I am adding several companies today that focus on banking mystery shop jobs. The companies that I list here are regarded as being some of the best mystery shopping companies to join if you want banking assignments. Bank shops are

What does a Mystery Shopping Job Form look like?

What does a mystery shopper form look like?

If you have never done a mystery shopping job or a secret shopper job, then you may not know what a shop form looks like. I was out on the web today googling for some resources when I stumbled upon

What do Mystery Shoppers Do?

A mystery shopper is a person who poses as a real buyer/patron while assessing customer service levels provided by an organization or business. While posing as a customer you will make observations on very specific elements of your visit. Businesses

How to become a McDonalds Secret Shopper

I have done several mystery shopping jobs at McDonald’s – they were not as exciting as I wanted them to be – but I got my McD’s fix and a little bit of pocket cash. People often ask, “How do