What does a Mystery Shopping Job Form look like?

What does a mystery shopper form look like?

If you have never done a mystery shopping job or a secret shopper job, then you may not know what a shop form looks like.

I was out on the web today googling for some resources when I stumbled upon this mystery shop form.

It would be hard to find out what the report form looks like without first accepting a mystery shopping job. I am not sure who this client is – or even if it is a real client or someone’s school project :-). What I can confirm is that this is what a shop form usually looks like. Notice all of the details that they are asking you to note during your visit. There timings and counts of employees to note. This shop form does not include areas for any narrative, so I would not say that it is representative of a truly “real shop”.

The form would be more realistic if you imagined that after each section of ratings, it asked you to write a paragraph describing your experience during this part of your visit. It does mention that it wants comments for all negative answers, which is very common.

I hope that this “find” that I stumbled on helps you in your journey to become a mystery shopper – secret shopper!

This form was publicly available on the internet on the document sharing site “scribd” – so I am not sharing anything that I am not supposed to because of a shopper confidentiality agreement, alright?