HoneyBaked Ham Mystery Shopping

HoneyBaked Ham Mystery Shopping

HoneyBaked Ham Mystery Shopping

It’s almost Easter time, and thoughts of a large HoneyBaked Ham are filling my head. I had never tried a HoneyBaked Ham until I performed a mystery shop at one of their locations around Thanksgiving.

Oh, they are so delicious. We don’t usually have ham for Thanksgiving, but for free – we’ll take it. No one complained about the cooking!

But at Easter, everyone expects a ham. If you can bring home a HoneyBaked Ham from a mystery shop, all the better.

What’s the HoneyBaked Ham mystery shop like?

Well, in addition to all the usual things, you will be allowed to use a coupon if you have one. You will need to see if the staff upsells you. You may have to ask a silly question like, “What makes your ham taste so good?” You will have an amount that will be reimbursed, but you are allowed to spend more.

I was serving a dinner for eight, and with a coupon, I found the reimbursement to be almost enough. I went over a couple of dollars, but that is because the items are priced by weight. It was difficult to be picky and ask the prices of a bunch of different items. I was there during the holiday season and there was a LINE!

How do you get a HoneyBaked Ham mystery shop?

Around 6-8 weeks before the holiday, the emails will go out from the mystery shopping company. You will receive an email from the mystery shopping company scheduler asking you to apply. They will not say HoneyBaked Ham anywhere in the email. It will suggest the company name, but it will not say it outright. This means you will need to watch your inbox carefully.

Once you receive the email, you need to open it ASAP. These shops are not self-assign. You will have to apply and the scheduler will select the shopper based on seniority, ratings, etc. I suggest you apply for multiple locations that are near you for the best chances.

What mystery shopping company does these shops?

Hmmmm…. If I told you I would have to….. just kidding. :-)

These shops are handled by several companies. One of them is a popular company that is suggested to all shoppers in the beginning (hint… hint…) Check out my list of mystery shopping companies and make sure you are registered for all of them.

Do you really want to know? Complete an offer and get sent directly to the answer.

Happy Shopping!