How to become a McDonalds Secret Shopper

I have done several mystery shopping jobs at McDonald’s – they were not as exciting as I wanted them to be – but I got my McD’s fix and a little bit of pocket cash. People often ask, “How do I become a McDonald’s Secret Shopper?”

Well, you need to sign up with the mystery shopping companies that do mystery shopping at fast food establishments. Many times the company won’t be shopping the McDonald’s service experience, but how well they are promoting a new item, a new happy meal, the new all day breakfast menu, etc. Some shops that have you visiting McDonald’s will be a competitor shop  – where a local competitor of McDonalds will order a shop to “spy” on them.

Rumor has it that McDonald’s has discontinued their main mystery shopping program. However there are other shopping jobs that are still available that could bring you to McDonald’s.

The best mystery shopping companies to check out to become a McDonald’s secret shopper are:


Confero Mystery Shopping

SeeLevel HX



If you would like to hear the point of view of a McDonald’s manager who has been shopped, you may check out this post.