Best Mystery Shopping Companies – Banking!

Best Mystery Shopping Companies

I am adding several companies today that focus on banking mystery shop jobs. The companies that I list here are regarded as being some of the best mystery shopping companies to join if you want banking assignments.

Bank shops are appreciated because you usually do not have to make a purchase as part of the scenario. This means that you are being paid for your time without any upfront hard costs. They are also a steady source of mystery shopping jobs, with recurring shops at each location frequently.

Bank shops often require that you put on your role-playing personality. Some will require you to present yourself as a small business owner, others as someone who has a large sum of money to invest.

One difficulty with banking shops is that many branches will share their staff. While you may think you are doing a mystery shop job at a different location, you may enter the branch and find that the banker you need to speak with is the same one that you already shopped at a branch across town last week! Panic mode for sure. If this happens to you, I suggest grabbing some free coffee and exiting the branch to call your scheduler immediately.

The majority of banking mystery shop jobs can be divided into two categories: customer and non-customer. Customer mystery shopping jobs often involve activities that you would do in the course of your normal banking. Sign up with all of the banking mystery shop companies so you can find the one that shops your bank. Get paid to do your normal banking!

Best Mystery Shopping Companies for Banking

Ath Power Consulting

Ath Power is one of the best mystery shopping companies for bank shops. I do not think I have seen any other type of mystery shopping job offered by this company. Over the course of many years of being registered as a shopper with them, I have seen shops for all of the local banks in my area. Many of the shops in my area are as a non-customer, requiring some pretending on why you are interested in switching banks, or interested in investment options.

Informa Research Services

A leader in financial services type mystery shop jobs, Informa Research Services regularly tops many shoppers’ lists as one of the best mystery shop companies to work for. The company has been in business for over 30 years. Their schedulers have a reputation for always helping their shoppers wherever they can.

Pinnacle Financial Strategies


Here is another mystery shopping company that is known for their banking and financial services mystery shop jobs. The company has been in business for over 20 years. I have performed several mystery shopping jobs for them as a non-customer. The scheduler that I worked with was supportive and encouraged me to take on more work with them. I would rank them as one of my top bank mystery shopping companies and I would encourage you to try them out as well.